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designer's comment

Mike Hoge (game designer) and Mattias Filler (story author/scripter) spill the beans about gothic II:

The story continues...

Gothic II starts where Gothic I ended. But don't worry, you won't be at a disadvantage if you haven't played Gothic I. The sequel contains a multitude of references to the first part, but everything will be explained and easy access for 'Gothic greenhorns' is guaranteed.

You have left the prison behind, but outside, another tough game is awaiting you. The war against the orcs reaches its climax at that very moment, and apparently it won't turn out well for the humans this time.
Many of the king's former vassals are no longer supporting the realm. The peasants rise since they are fed up to the back teeth with bleeding in the war against the orcs. In a world shattered by a civil war, there's a new awful enemy in addition to the orcs, monsters and even dragons: man!

But even though danger lurks everywhere, you'll meet some old friends. It's up to you to decide whom to trust and whom to do away with. Fight for the suppressed peasants or remain loyal to the king and ally yourself with his henchmen.

The choice is yours. Would you like to set out as a dragon slayer and take on the land's most frightening creatures? Or do you prefer the honorable fight and become officially ordained as a paladin? You can strive for a life in the monastery as well, humbly being initiated into the secrets of magic.

The development of the plot depends on your decisions. Every step you take will influence the game. Be aware… we advise you to consider your actions well.

This time you won't get away so easily!

We tried to weed out as many of the points of criticism as possible, and - in our opinion - we succeeded in doing that very well.

The improved AI makes monsters more formidable enemies compared to those of Gothic I.

We reworked the news system (spreading of news about important events among the NPCs) and linked it to the story. This expands the world's ability to react to your actions.

We renewed the path of the thief. Pickpocketing works completely different now, since we admit that we messed it up in Gothic I. But the improved AI makes it very hard for a thief to go undetected...

The kingdom suffers from war, so the trader's price levels rose considerably. But we added an opportunity to forge your own weapons, brew your own potions or even produce your own magical runes.

Presenting you a complete list of innovations and renovations would be beyond the scope of this text. We'll use the news area on this website to keep you informed on remarkable changes.

No table-hopping!

Gothic II is a role playing game. You don't have to keep an eye on billions of stats. We focus on the presentation of the world and the freedom of action.

The character generation takes place during play (like in Gothic I). Search for instructors who are willing to teach you. Maybe you'll need to convince them you're worth the effort in some cases...

What we want:

Here are some thoughts that accompanied us during the developement of Gothic II:

Our vision is to create a world in which you can move and act freely. We want the plot of the game to be dynamic and non-linear enough so your actions have an actual impact, but at the same time we try to make it dense and exiting enough to guide you though the game without feeling lost.

Gothic II will show you a world that gives you the freedom to do whatever you desire, on condition that you are willing to bear the consequences. A world where human characters appear to be alive, pursueing their own affairs instead of just standing around and attacking you when you come into range.

A world that enthralls you with its immense vastness and variety.

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we were thinking about offering an official forum, but obviously the busy lizzies of our publisher JoWood and our supporters at RPGDot.com and world of gothic were much faster. since their community sections are very well-attended, we forego an official forum and present you the links to their forum pages:

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