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02-28-04: US release of gothic II

Obviously GOTHIC II has been released some time ago in the United States as well as in the UK. But since Atari USA has not seen fit to confirm this to us officially at the date of release (nor until today in fact...), we did not spread the word in a timely manner. Sorry for that!

Anyway, you can order here!

01-11-04: lots of great ratings for gothic II

in the meantime, gothic II has been reviewed by quite a few online magazines. the overall ratings are fairly good with almost all of them above 80 percent. have a look:

to the 'previews & reviews'-section

06-13-03: distribution of the english version starting today

finally, shipping of the international versions has started. jowood's distribution partner atari (formerly infogrames) has announced that both uk and scandinavia are being supplied with english versions of gothic II from today.

the release dates for all the other countries will very likely be published here in just a few days.

order via this link:

UKUS Gothic II English (from UK or USA)

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04-24-03 international marketing agreement with Infogrames
04-04-03 the latest on the international versions
01-14-03 3 new mp3s from the game
01-08-03 there's something brewing...
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we were thinking about offering an official forum, but obviously the busy lizzies of our publisher JoWood and our supporters at RPGDot.com and world of gothic were much faster. since their community sections are very well-attended, we forego an official forum and present you the links to their forum pages:

WorldOfGothic (german)

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