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gewinnspiel title

hi folks, here's the list as promised. if you find your name on the list, you're one of the lucky devils who recieve a pc-game from our publisher jowood, carriage paid.

hopefully the winners have a lot of pleasure out of it. all the others have to be content with joyful anticipation for the time being, as we're planing to arrange another contest later this year. guess what will be raffled off.. :-) exactly, hand-signed gothic II versions. i guess we can count you in, can't we?

englische versions go to:

Greg McKeever, Kansas City, USA Zax
Lloyd William Miller, Zimmerman, USA Zax
James Pettigrew, Cincinnati, USA Zax
Alexanders T. Paupe, Somerset, USA Zax
Mark Webb, Aloha, USA Zax
Jeffrey Hendricks, Williams Lake, Canada Panzer Elite
Paul McKinney, Beavercreek, USA Panzer Elite
Wade Newell, Seattle, USA Panzer Elite
Chris Dixon, Toowoomba, Australia Panzer Elite
Chuck Baker, Barnegat, USA Panzer Elite
Anders Brandstrom, Umea, Sweden Gorasul
Joseph Wise, Lafayette, USA Gorasul
Brian Turner, Penrith, Australia Gorasul
Dan Pescaru, Bucharest, Romania Traffic Giant
Alexander Goodimov, Surgut, Russia Traffic Giant

german versions go to:

Oliver Römer, Münster, Germany Arx Fatalis
Arndt Bielefeld, Essen, Germany Arx Fatalis
David Wutke, Leuna, Germany Arx Fatalis
Udo Mundloch, Fürth, Germany Arx Fatalis
Michael Wiesemann, Dusslingen, Germany Arx Fatalis
Gerhard Grubelnig, Klagenfurt, Austria Arx Fatalis
Andreas Kathan, Götzis, Austria Arx Fatalis
Gabriel Rieck, Markt Schwaben, Germany Cultures 2
Sebastian Neumann, Wels, Austria Cultures 2
Jörg Beckmann, Luhden, Germany Cultures 2
Dirk Schollmeyer, Bacharach, Germany Cultures 2
Sebastian Herenz, Groß Gaglow, Germany Nations 2 Gold
Stefan Ruhstorfer, Unterschleißheim, Austria Nations 2 Gold
Christof Mönch, Winterthur, Switzerland Nations 2 Gold
Waldemar Staniek, Essen, Germany Nations 2 Gold

PS: thank you for the generous bribe money.

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- gothic II forum -

we were thinking about offering an official forum, but obviously the busy lizzies of our publisher JoWood and our supporters at RPGDot.com and world of gothic were much faster. since their community sections are very well-attended, we forego an official forum and present you the links to their forum pages:

WorldOfGothic (german)

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