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portrait #01: björn

name: björn pankratz

age: 31

team member since: 1999

project history: gothic

indian name that fits:
katunkaboga (he-who-keeps-everything-running)

look at mug more closely

what's your name?


what's your job at piranha bytes?

i'm game designer, script programmer, story author, and in addition to that i'm dealing with some aspects of the project management.

is there something about your job that you really hate?

well, a lot of things come to my mind. *laughs*
but the worst thing is, that everything you do takes far longer than expected.

how the heck do you manage to endure your team members?

i shut the door!

if you'd have to give your life a fun-rating, what would it be?


what did you like most about gothic I?

the living environment, and the fact that nearly all of your actions have certain consequences.

how would you react in real life if a stone golem would appear in front of you and breathe right into your face?

honest answer? *laughs*
during the "argument" i'd see to it that i stood with my back to the wall. that would at least prevent another creature from surprising me from behind...

something that you miss in our lounge?


do you like diet coke?

yeah! but not too frequently, that's not good for the teeth.

can you cook?

no. but at least i can make hot water!

what's your shoe size?

42. in fact, my feet didn't grow for the last 15 years.

how do you motivate yourself in not-so-creative times?

i get really mad at my collegues and try to do it better than them.

is there a quotation (e.g. from a movie) that you frequently use?

there are lots. well, wait...

starts walking around and brooding...
plays with his toy-gun...
a movie quotation...? eh...
looks out of the window...
i know many, but i need one that characterizes me somehow...
yeah yeah, sure...

"when this whole thing is only a game, why do we count the points?" *)
- mr. Worf -

*) i only know the german translation, i'm not sure if this is the original phrase. - webmaster

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björn pankratz
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