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portrait #07: Nico

name: Nico Bendlin

age: 28

team member since: 2001

project history: -

indian name that fits:
Nicoratztni (He-Who-Is-Always-Present)

look at mug more closely

What's your name?


what's your job at piranha bytes?

break everything...i.e., programmer.

taking into account that you're spending nearly 24 hours a day at the office and sometimes even fall asleep in your office chair, one might think that your job is fulfilling. Is that so?

What's the ultimate length for an answer? *laughs*
The job's not everything, but I like it. Otherwise I wouldn't do it. Right now I'm missing out on my private life, but this will change shortly I guess.

When did you start programming, and what were your first works?

My first opus was to reanimate a computer after an attempt at programming. *laughs*
I started with Assembler under MS-DOS, as a hobby, and I never studied computer science. I was lucky to get a job as a software developer one day, and that was when I started to learn my trade. I've been doing it on a professional base for three years now.

Is it a fashion fad of yours to always dress in black, or is there an underlying reason?

Well, I don't belong to any group. I like to call myself a 'wearer of black', but I've always been like this. the color is practical, and I don't have too many clothes, anyway.

You're originally from Berlin. Please describe how you managed to end up as a member of the Piranhas' club...

Yes and no, I'm from the coast, but I used to live in Berlin for 20 years.
My job as a programmer in data base application development left me enough time to be able to do other things as well, so I played Gothic even though I'm not a typical gamer. In my free time I started to program tools for Gothic, and so I came to communicate with the Piranhas. When I visited them one day they were just looking for a programmer (and it looks as if I am a programmer). Call it coincidence.

What will - in your opinion - the future of the gaming industry look like? Which innovations and technical novelties do you expect?

We'll see.

Which game started your interest in computer games?

Gothic! Way back I also used to play AoE, but then, who didn't. There were a few other games I played to exhaustion, but I don't recall their names. The 'big hits' just passed by me. Apart from those Gothic was the first 'great' game I enjoyed to the end.

Are you the archetypal cliché of a programmer, or are you more of a 'black sheep'?

Hmmm. Hm. (now imagine a corresponding facial expression)
One doesn't have to do anything with the other. Cliché programmers are black sheep. Let's say it like this, I always try to put great effort and care into what I'm programming. I guess I have enough experience to pull it off.

What are you doing in your barely existent spare time?

I'm going to the Baltic Sea with my son, for example, or I'm sitting in front of my computer (at home). Right now there is no spare time to spend. Sometimes I'll go out on a weekend to indulge in my other passions like playing Billard or dancing until all others leave...

If you had to give your life a fun rating, what would it be?

99,999999 period.

Tell us about the secret programmers' network and their plans for world domination...

Oh, the old Illuminati story... that's just not true.
(something about the way he said it was just not right... - KaiRo)

You don't think I would tell you about it, do you?

It's a secret!

is there a quotation (e.g. from a movie) you frequently use?

I don't use movie quotations, but i liked The Crow. It had several nice lines. But I don't know them by heart.

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