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portrait #03: Stefan

name: stefan kalveram

age: 27

team member since: 2000

project history: gothic

indian name that fits:

look at mug more closely

What's your name?


What's your job at Piranha Bytes?

Game design, story, scripting and tolerating Björn :-).

Would you like to live in a rough-and-tumble medieval scenario such as Gothic? If so, which kind of person would you be?

Aww come on, they didn't have couches...:-)

If you had to give your life a fun rating, what would it be?

That's difficult. Somewhere between 5% and 100%, changing from day to day. Right now I'm somewhere in the lower third, but it'll get better.

How do you want to spend your retirement?

I'd like to live on the Mediterranean with some chums, drink red wine all day long, play *Boule* and goggle after 20- year old tourist girls.

What's your favorite pastime when you're not brooding over Gothic II scripts?

Right now it's dreaming... because I have so little time. Apart from that it might be everything from going on a vacation to roleplaying to reading... with an emphasis on roleplaying.

What did you do before you joined Piranha Bytes?

I tried to study, failed miserably and spent a boring time as a couch potato... until Piranha Bytes abruptly ended this phase of my life.

You're smoking a lot. If you wanted to stop smoking, which method would you choose?

I'd simply stop.

Where do you live?

In Hullebulle Land™. ;-)
I'm living with two of my team-mates (Björn and Mattias) and my girlfriend in an apartment-sharing community... the biggest drawback being the fact that we tend to take work home with us and talk about Gothic II even after closing time. Apart from that it's fun.

What's your favorite drink?

I don't know. Something with alcohol in it.

What was the longest time you - as a gourmet cook - spent behind your hearth?

10 hours for a New Year's Eve menu with 11 courses. Luckily I wasn't alone.

How do you cope with being pressed for time and general stress?

I'm sulking.
Apart from that all I can do is work on. To compensate for it I'm trying to get KaiRo (Kai Rosenkranz) to watch good movies ;-).

(Does anybody know the movie "Meet the Feebles"? It's crap! - KaiRo :-))

Is there a quotation (e.g. from a movie) that you frequently use?

"Football ain't playing marbles."
(Bulldozer in "Lo chiamavano Bulldozer")

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